Monday, June 2, 2008

Nancy Brown

Since 2001 my husband and I have led two lives. We spend fall and winter in San Pancho and the rest of the year near New Haven, Connecticut. The Pacific coast of Mexico during the long New England winter, and a culturally-rich little city near our families in the spring and summer -- it sounds like a great arrangement, and it is. The only drawback is that when I’m in one place, I’m always missing someone in the other place.
During 18 years of community relations work for alcohol and drug treatment centers, I wrote innumerable promotional brochures, marketing plans, and newsletters. I don’t know if anyone ever got clean and sober because of my efforts, but I like to think so. Now I write for the fun of it. I’ve been lucky to be part of San Pancho Writers, a group of smart, funny women in my Mexican hometown who like to write, too.

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